• WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION(Driveway alert,Perimeter alarm and etc)- The infrared detection range of the solar sensors up to 190 feet,that means the infrared sensing terminals can be mounted up to 190 feet apart;and will send a wireless alarm signal back to the wireless alarm receiver up to 1/4 mile away anytime someone passes between the solar sensors(Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain)
  • NO WIRING NO NEED TO REPLACE BATTERIES- The sensors are self-powered by solar recharged lithium ion batteries;no need sunlight,the nature light on cloudy and rainy days also can charge the batteries normally; requires no wiring(both the power cables and signal cables)
  • LOWER FALSE ALARM RATE-The use of active and multiple infrared beams reduce false alarms from small animals and small objects such as birds and falling leaves;super infrared penetrating power reduce false alarms from the bad weather such as rain/fog/snow;infrared analysis technology reduce false alarms from the other nature light sources interference such as sunlight
  • DIY DESIGN,SUPER EASY TO SET UP IN MINUTES-The KIT has been programmed already before shipped; no power cables because the sensor is solar powered;no signal cables because the signal is wireless transmission;so the installation time can be as little as a few minutes
  • SYSTEM CONFIGURATION- Wireless alarm system kit consists of 1 pair solar wireless photoelectric beam sensor (HB-T001Q2)and 1 piece wireless alarm receiver(HB-4040S)-the alarm receiver has 4 ring tones optional and up to 32 HTZSAFE sensors can be connected

Product description

The infrared sensing terminals of the solar sensors can be mounted up to 190feet apart,and will send a wireless signal back to the wireless alarm receiver up to 1/4 mile away anytime the intruder passes between the sensors;the solar sensor is powered by built-in lithium ion batteries those are recharged through the solar panels during the day, requires no wiring and easy to install.the wireless alarm receiver has 4 wireless zones and each zone has its own ring tones(such as chime/doorbell/etc);it is the ideal for all types of outdoor intrusion alarm application,such as driveway/fence tops/windows/etc.

go site FEATURES:
–Fully expandable system; up to 32 sensors can be connected to one wireless alarm receiver, while 1 sensor can be connected to unlimited wireless alarm receivers.
–The solar sensor is equipped with self-calibration tools (calibration hole), capable of finishing long range calibration in minutes.
–Powered by built-in lithium ion batteries those recharged through the solar panels during the day,cloudy and rainy days can charge the batteries normally( (note: when there is no natural light, the built in batteries can support 3-5 days of system operation, but the system is not suitable for long time indoor application).
–Waterproof IP66 Fully-enclosed design,resistance to rain/fog/snow/etc(working temperature range from -40℃ to 70℃).

Technical Details

Brand Name GATESEA
Item Weight 1 pounds
Package Dimensions 16.5 x 12.3 x 3.6 inches
Item model number 4331030161
Power Source Type Solar, Battery
Number of Items 1