go Solar frequency oscillation pest-killing light is the most ideal tool to kill as many as 5000 kinds of farm insect, without pesticide contaminate, effective radius 20000 – 40000 square meters, 0 pollution, highly reduce the cost of using pesticide.

http://acrossaday.com/?search=generic-levitra-from-india It is pure solar energy powered, lights seduce insect and high voltage wire net kill it, battery store power at day time, release power at night, the whole system is operated by intelligent controller, with light-operated and timing auto switch.

50 mg Clomid tablets Widely used in farm, forestry, warehousing, garden, park, livestock breeding, aquaculture, etc.

Remark: Main components include solar panel, battery, intelligent controller, light pole, high-voltage entanglement, high-voltage trigger, transformer board, plastic container, hardware, etc.

  • Solar panel: 15Wp~80Wp high-efficiency polycrystalline
  • Battery: maintenance-free gel type / ternary lithium battery
  • Lamp power: 20W
  • Pole height: 2.5m
  • Effective radius: 20000 ~40000 SQ.Ms